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Mobile App Appeals to Women

December 2013 | Andrea Zavadszky - SCMP

Having offered clients to connect globally in an inexpensive way through their office phones and computers, Servcorp has now launched an app for mobile application (available for both Android and Apple) to make phone calls cost-effective for those on the go.

This has become one of the serviced office company's strongest marketing points and – with the number of enquiries remaining about the same – the new feature has been attracting a higher percentage of women to sign up then before, according to Wilma Wu, general manager, Servcorp Hong Kong.

“Servcorp has invested US$50 million in building a robust infrastructure using in-house developed proprietary software. This is an extremely unique offering that gives customers access to a secure, dedicated wireless network with multiple market operation using the same platform, various communication options and other features,” says Wu.

The possibilities are wide. They include unlimited calls between Servcorp locations globally: extension to extension calls between any two offices are free.

Clients can also have a dedicated overseas number allocated to them and calls made anywhere on this number to the country of the allocated number will be charged at local prices rather than as a long-distance call.

“One of our [Hong Kong] clients has Australian, US, Dubai and Singapore numbers, all on one app on his mobile. He can call these four countries as local calls any time,” Wu says.

The communication system has a Cisco backbone, cloud base, and VoIP system with built-in redundancy.

“Servcorp Onefone allows customers to make and receive secure calls without interference or annoying drop outs when using broadband,” Wu notes.

Incoming calls can simultaneously ring on multiple devices: mobile, office and home telephones can be all linked to the phone number.

Sequential arrangements are also possible, for example the phone rings on the mobile first and if the call is not taken, it will ring in the office and then at home.

The call history can be kept on the mobile and, rather than taking notes, the phone conversation can be recorded for future reference.

Staff in all offices are ready to help with enquiries, and with Servcorp's 100-member IT team located worldwide, help can be reached anytime, anywhere by just hitting the number 1 on the phone.

“Servcorp takes every step to ensure customers are comfortable with using the system that helps to maximise productivity and carry on in a business as usual environment,” Wu says.