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Greater mobility with Servcorp

July 2014 | Servcorp

Greater mobility with Servcorp

If 160 shipping containers were stacked on top of each other, they'd reach the same height as Hong Kong's prestigious Two International Finance Centre.  Standing a majestic 415 metres or 88 storeys, 2IFC towers over Hong Kong's Central Business District and is much-admired landmark by all.

Occupying Level 19 is Servcorp Hong Kong – the world's finest fully furnished offices – with serviced suites all boasting magnificent and unobstructed views of Hong Kong. Tenants represent multiple industry sectors, one of which is the transport sector.

Tradecorp International (Hong Kong) supplies shipping containers and their variants to multiple industries, along with modular accommodation and amenity units supplied to a diverse customer base including mining camps and refugee facilities. Clients also include banks who order the ‘Banktainer' – a container offering full security, ATMs, teller booths, office space and air conditioning - and famous retail brands who order specially-modified containers as mobile showrooms / shops.

Tony Zarb, Jr, CEO of Tradecorp International (Hong Kong), chose Hong Kong to start the business as it's close to China for their procurement activities. As Tony explains:

“Hong Kong's close proximity to China enables a highly streamlined, efficient purchasing process while travel to key client centres such as the Middle East and Australia are only 7 to 9 hours away. With a legal system similar to Australia's and excellent banking facilities, Hong Kong was the best choice for Tradecorp to establish a presence.”

When establishing a presence in a new country, quickly generating a revenue stream to support operations is of paramount importance. Spending time hunting for office space, fitting out, hiring operational staff, obtaining phone lines, setting up an IT network all takes up valuable time and money, and is a major distraction.

“Servcorp's office in 2IFC is just convenient as there is an abundance of transport options just minutes away. For example, there is a train to the airport, taxis, buses, ferries all just downstairs and many clients are also just a short walk away. Added to that is a multitude of shops, restaurants, hotels, and other amenities.”

Globally, and as a source of considerable pride, Servcorp has an advanced, future-proofed IT and communications network available to clients right from the word go. This is something that Tony sees as being a big advantage at Servcorp, especially as he has sizeable operations across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and is something of a road warrior.

Tony explains how this technology helps him communicate when in Brisbane and travelling.

“From day one, Servcorp gave me a Brisbane dedicated phone number and, when business partners and customers call that number, the phone will ring in Hong Kong. The beauty of this is that our business partners and customers only have to pay for a local call as the connection is over IP. I can also use the same system when I'm back in Brisbane, for talking to Hong Kong, while saving money.

“When I'm on the road, I can use the Servcorp Meeting Application to book in real-time meeting rooms in any of Servcorp's 140 locations globally. This is amazingly time-saving, useful and easy-to-use. I find it's just easier to do things with Servcorp staff that are professional, very helpful, and cheerful.”

Different to other serviced office providers, Servcorp is the only one in the cloud, and gives all customers access to a global IP telephony network, enabling cheaper international calls, call-divert to a different location in case of emergency, the ability to make and receive calls anywhere, a single phase ISP, dedicated bandwidth and 99.999% service time.

Servcorp has invested over US$40 million in building a global interconnected data network supported by a global 24/7 network operations centre and IT personnel in each country with dedicated client support.