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Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong 3,300/mth 1,200/mth 1,200/mth 1,200/mth
The Hong Kong Club Building, Hong Kong 2,750/mth 900/mth 900/mth 1,200/mth
One Peking, Hong Kong

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Guangzhou IFC, Guangzhou 1,500/mth 700/mth 700/mth 288/mth
Jing An Kerry Centre, Shanghai 2,350/mth 1,100/mth 1,100/mth 288/mth
Somekh Building, Rockbund, Shanghai 1,650/mth 800/mth 800/mth 288/mth
Citigroup Tower, Shanghai 2,350/mth 1,100/mth 600/mth 288/mth
China Central Place, Beijing 2,350/mth 1,100/mth 1,100/mth 288/mth
Oriental Plaza, Beijing 2,350/mth 1,100/mth 1,100/mth 288/mth
Fortune Financial Center, Beijing 1,650/mth 800/mth 800/mth 288/mth
Shangri-La Office Tower, Chengdu 1,200/mth 600/mth 600/mth 288/mth
One Aerospace Center, Chengdu 1,200/mth 600/mth 600/mth 288/mth
Jiahua International Business Centre, Hangzhou 950/mth 450/mth 450/mth 288/mth
Westpac House, Adelaide 269/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Riparian Plaza, Brisbane 299/mth 169/mth 169/mth 50/mth
10 Eagle Street, Brisbane 279/mth 159/mth 159/mth 50/mth
Santos Place, Brisbane 269/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Nishi , Canberra 299/mth 169/mth 169/mth 50/mth
The Realm, Canberra 289/mth 159/mth 159/mth 50/mth
Reserve Bank Building, Hobart 269/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
101 Collins Street, Melbourne 369/mth 189/mth 189/mth 50/mth
140 William Street, Melbourne 247/mth 127/mth 127/mth 50/mth
710 Collins Street, Melbourne 259/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Riverside Quay, Melbourne 269/mth 159/mth 159/mth 50/mth
AMP Tower, Perth 269/mth 139/mth 139/mth 50/mth
Brookfield Place, Perth 299/mth 159/mth 159/mth 50/mth
Tower Two Westfield Bondi Junction, Sydney 289/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Octagon, Sydney 219/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
Nexus Norwest, Sydney 249/mth 139/mth 139/mth 50/mth
Avaya House, Sydney 249/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Market Street, Sydney 329/mth 159/mth 159/mth 50/mth
101 Miller Street, Sydney 289/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Chifley Tower, Sydney 269/mth 134/mth 134/mth 50/mth
MLC Centre, Sydney 349/mth 169/mth 169/mth 50/mth
Deloitte Building, Sydney 249/mth 129/mth 129/mth 50/mth
Gateway, Sydney 359/mth 179/mth 179/mth 50/mth
Tower One Barangaroo , Sydney 369/mth 189/mth 189/mth 50/mth
Bahrain Financial Harbour, Manama 90/mth 50/mth 30/mth 30/mth
Diplomatic Commercial Office Tower, Manama
Bastion Tower, Brussels 239/mth 129/mth 99/mth 80/mth
Schuman 3, Brussels 165/mth 90/mth 99/mth 80/mth
Haussmann - Opéra Bourse, Paris 299/mth 129/mth 119/mth 90/mth
Vibgyor Towers, Mumbai 10,200/mth 5,000/mth 3,600/mth 4,000/mth
Mindspace Complex, Hyderabad 5,500/mth 2,500/mth 2,500/mth 2,500/mth
Sahab Tower, Kuwait 120/mth 60/mth 60/mth 50/mth
Beirut Souks Louis Vuitton Building, Beirut 265/mth 220/mth 185/mth 175/mth
Ilham Tower, Kuala Lumpur 465/mth 188/mth 188/mth 188/mth
Menara Citibank, Kuala Lumpur 620/mth 250/mth 250/mth 250/mth
NU Tower 2, Kuala Lumpur 620/mth 250/mth 250/mth 250/mth
PWC Tower, Auckland 329/mth 169/mth 169/mth 50/mth
Vero Centre, Auckland 299/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
Commercial Bank Plaza, Doha 1,200/mth 550/mth 550/mth 550/mth
Tornado Tower, Doha 1,500/mth 600/mth 600/mth 600/mth
Burj Doha , Doha 1,200/mth 550/mth 550/mth 550/mth
Al Hugayet Tower, Al Khobar - Dammam 1,300/mth 750/mth 750/mth 150/mth
Al Khobar Gate Tower, Al Khobar - Dammam 1,400/mth 750/mth 750/mth 150/mth
555 California Street, San Francisco CA 281/mth 142/mth 142/mth 50/mth
101 California Street, San Francisco CA 251/mth 127/mth 127/mth 50/mth
Vodafone on the Quay, Wellington 299/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
12th and Midtown, Atlanta GA 229/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
Terminus 200, Atlanta GA 251/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
Bank of America Center, Houston TX 229/mth 112/mth 112/mth 50/mth
Williams Tower, Houston TX 251/mth 127/mth 127/mth 50/mth
Irvine Towers, Irvine CA 251/mth 127/mth 127/mth 50/mth
Figueroa at Wilshire, Los Angeles CA 263/mth 134/mth 134/mth 50/mth
Southeast Financial Center, Miami FL 263/mth 134/mth 134/mth 50/mth
1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 224/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
The Seagram Building, New York NY 254/mth 149/mth 149/mth 50/mth
17 State Street, New York NY 217/mth 112/mth 112/mth 50/mth
One World Trade Center, New York NY 374/mth 187/mth 187/mth 50/mth
Corporate Office Centre Tysons II, Tysons Corner VA 244/mth 128/mth 128/mth 120/mth
40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London 199/mth 119/mth 89/mth 49/mth
Dashwood House, London 219/mth 129/mth 99/mth 49/mth
One Mayfair Place, London
The Leadenhall Building, London
Tower One Ayala Triangle, Manila 7,900/mth 3,900/mth 3,900/mth 2,000/mth
6750 Ayala Avenue , Manila 7,900/mth 3,900/mth 3,900/mth 2,000/mth
Al Habtoor Business Tower, Dubai 1,050/mth 600/mth 600/mth 190/mth
Emirates Towers, Dubai 1,200/mth 650/mth 650/mth 190/mth
Boulevard Plaza Tower 2, Dubai 900/mth 490/mth 415/mth 190/mth
Almas Tower, Dubai 500/mth 100/mth 0/mth 190/mth
Al Mamoura, Abu Dhabi 600/mth 390/mth 390/mth 190/mth
Etihad Tower, Abu Dhabi 975/mth 490/mth 450/mth 190/mth
World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi 1,200/mth 650/mth 650/mth 190/mth
Louis Vuitton Building, Nisantasi, Istanbul 760/mth 460/mth 320/mth 300/mth
Tekfen Tower, Istanbul 760/mth 462/mth 320/mth 300/mth
The Offices at Centralworld, Bangkok 4,125/mth 1,875/mth 1,875/mth 1,300/mth
Park Ventures Ecoplex, Bangkok 5,600/mth 2,600/mth 2,600/mth 1,300/mth
1 Silom Road, Bangkok 5,200/mth 2,300/mth 2,300/mth 1,300/mth
Six Battery Road, Singapore 370/mth 200/mth 200/mth 60/mth
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, Singapore 380/mth 205/mth 205/mth 60/mth
Suntec Tower Three, Singapore 330/mth 169/mth 169/mth 60/mth
PSA Building, Singapore 370/mth 200/mth 200/mth 60/mth
The Metropolis, Singapore 280/mth 130/mth 130/mth 60/mth
CapitaGreen, Singapore 274/mth 143/mth 143/mth 60/mth
Jameel Square, Jeddah 1,350/mth 650/mth 650/mth 150/mth
King's Road Tower, Jeddah 1,350/mth 650/mth 650/mth 150/mth
Al Murjanah Tower, Jeddah 1,200/mth 650/mth 650/mth 150/mth
Al Faisaliah Tower, Riyadh 1,650/mth 900/mth 900/mth 150/mth
The Business Gate, Riyadh 1,300/mth 750/mth 750/mth 150/mth
Akaria Plaza, Riyadh 1,300/mth 750/mth 750/mth 150/mth
BNY Mellon Center, Philadelphia PA 229/mth 112/mth 112/mth 50/mth
One International Place, Boston MA 281/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
1155 F Street, Washington D.C. 229/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
1717 Pennsylvania Ave , Washington D.C. 281/mth 134/mth 134/mth 50/mth
5500 Preston Road, Dallas TX 268/mth 176/mth 80/mth 120/mth
JP Morgan International Plaza III, Dallas TX 229/mth 97/mth 97/mth 50/mth
Rosewood Court, Dallas TX 251/mth 112/mth 112/mth 50/mth
Virtual Offices Chicago - 155 North Wacker, Chicago 194/mth 104/mth 104/mth 50/mth
Virtual Offices Chicago - 300 North LaSalle, Chicago 179/mth 97/mth 97/mth 50/mth
Virtual Offices Chicago - River Point, Chicago 224/mth 119/mth 119/mth 50/mth
iC Enterprise 1, North Wollongong 239/mth 139/mth 139/mth 50/mth
International Financial Centre Tower 2, Jakarta 1,900,000/mth 865,000/mth 865,000/mth 865,000/mth


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