Virtual Offices Prices Sydney


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奇夫利大厦 chifley-small-2.jpg $50AUD /每月 $179AUD /每月 $179AUD /每月 $359AUD /每月

Call +61 2 9293 2900

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广汇大厦 gateway-sydney-thumb-1.jpg $50AUD /每月 $179AUD /每月 $179AUD /每月 $359AUD /每月

Call +61 2 8075 4600

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悉尼MLC中心 mlc-centre-sydney-thumb-1.jpg $50AUD /每月 $169AUD /每月 $169AUD /每月 $349AUD /每月

Call +61 2 9238 7611

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市场街 Market Street Sydney Thumbnail $50AUD /每月 $159AUD /每月 $159AUD /每月 $329AUD /每月

Call +61 2 9089 8800

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北悉尼米勒街101号 101millerst-north-sydney-thumb-1.jpg $50AUD /每月 $149AUD /每月 $149AUD /每月 $289AUD /每月

Call +61 2 8019 7200

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邦迪枢纽西田集团二期大厦 Tower Two Westfield Bondi Junction thumbnail $50AUD /每月 $149AUD /每月 $149AUD /每月 $289AUD /每月

Call +61 2 8095 6500

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麦考瑞公园亚美亚大厦 Avaya House Sydney Thumbnail $50AUD /每月 $149AUD /每月 $149AUD /每月 $249AUD /每月

Call +61 2 8875 7800

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伯肯瀚姆山结点西北大楼 Nexus Norwest Sydney thumbnail $50AUD /每月 $139AUD /每月 $139AUD /每月 $249AUD /每月

Call +61 2 8860 9600

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帕拉马塔迪路易特大楼 Deloitte Building Parramatta Sydney thumbnail $50AUD /每月 $129AUD /每月 $129AUD /每月 $249AUD /每月

Call +61 2 8896 6100

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帕拉马塔八角大厦 Octagon Building Parramatta Sydney $50AUD /每月 $119AUD /每月 $119AUD /每月 $219AUD /每月

Call +61 2 9615 9800

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Virtual Offices in Sydney

Increase your sales by having a first class corporate presence


We offer your business a 5 star corporate image with our virtual offices in Sydney at simple and affordable monthly rates.

If you have been searching for a convenient, cost effective solution to a permanent presence in Sydney, allow Servcorp to efficiently manage your business image with a Servcorp virtual office package.

Servcorp provides world renowned corporate solutions in every major capital city and business district across the globe. Our virtual office solutions provide your business with a distinguished Sydney business address in highly sought after locations such as the Sydney CBD, Western Sydney, North Sydney, and Norwest Business Park.

Enjoy a corporate presence in the heart of Sydney CBD surrounded by world renowned restaurants, cultural icons and excellent entertainment venues from any of our esteemed locations such as the MLC building, Market Street, and Gateway.

Our locations in North Sydney, Norwest and North Ryde provide your company and clients with access to a growing business and financial hub, excellent parking opportunities, as well as stunning scenic views of the river and local National Parks.


Managing coveted business spaces fully furnished with crisp, luxury facilities, Servcorp offer your business a complete virtual office solution for all of your corporate administration requirements.

Available in a range of packages catered to your precise needs, Servcorp offer a comprehensive reception service including telephone answering, mail forwarding, a local business number and call forwarding, as well as access to fully furnished corporate suites in convenient, centralised business districts.

Our administration and secretarial staff are impeccably presented specialists trained to provide for your business with the very highest standards of service.

Our solutions include everything from dedicated secretarial and virtual reception staff through to ideally located facilities for client meetings, general staff and board meetings, and private work space for when you have need of it.

Select from one of Servcorp's full virtual offices in Sydney to manage your Australian business presence distinction and ease.