4 Reasons Serviced Offices Are the Future in Hong Kong

Zann Lee

Finding an office in Hong Kong can be an incredibly daunting task. It’s much more than just a place of work, it’s where you spend up to, and often more than a third of your day. You need a space that is comfortable, will lead to you and your team being productive and is welcoming to prospective and current clients.

With language barriers, cultural differences and different ways of doing business, searching for a traditional office in Hong Kong can be difficult. Signing up for a one or two year lease is a big commitment and offers little or no flexibility. It’s these pressures that result in many businesses never getting their business off the ground in the first place.

The good news is serviced offices are alleviating this stress, offering SMEs complete office solutions in prime locations, such as Two IFC, at a fraction of the cost.

Here are four reasons that serviced offices are the future in Hong Kong.

  1. Increased Flexibility

With a serviced office you don’t have to deal with long-term lock-in contracts and the headaches they can cause. Instead, you can choose short-term agreements of a month or more. Allow for the fast-changing nature of today’s business world and give your business a chance to change and adapt as required. Too often in Hong Kong, leases are long and require a large deposit upfront before you can move into your new premises. These barriers to entry are easily overcome through a serviced office.

  1. Unparalleled Support Services

When you choose a serviced office, you save time and money finding and training new staff for your office. From administration staff to air conditioning maintenance, everything can easily be looked after so you can hit the ground running. If you need a meeting room or video conferencing facilities those can be arranged too. This level of support is welcomed by many business owners as it allows them more time and financial resources to continue working and growing their business.

  1. Location, Location, Location

There’s no denying it, location is everything in business and in competitive cities like Hong Kong it can be difficult and expensive to find an office in a premium location. With a serviced office, you have an opportunity to situate your business within an office in a sought after area that will be convenient to meet clients, look impressive on your business card and even improve your local SEO rankings.

  1. Designed for Change

Whether your business is upsizing, downsizing or your goals have changed, you can move with the times easily with a serviced office. Should your workforce double, you don’t need to spend weeks searching for a bigger office to accommodate your new team, just move to a bigger serviced office that accommodates your new needs. If the business environment changes and is no longer in line with your goals, you can move to a smaller setup or pack up and leave without any hassle at all.

  1. Serviced Offices Are the Future

Flexible, adaptable, great support and awesome locations are just some of the reasons more business owners are choosing serviced offices. Don’t get bogged down with obligations to your landlord and expensive deposits. Move your business in the right direction with a serviced office and let someone else look after the expensive setup and maintenance costs so you can put your business first.