Keeping Up Appearances - Creating a Great Impression in Hong Kong

Zann Lee

As anyone that has ever done business in Asia will certainly tell you, trust really is of paramount importance in order to succeed. Strong businesses in the region are built on solid, long-term relationships that are founded on that trust. For any western business looking to expand into Asia, understanding the local culture and earning the trust and respect of the local business community will almost certainly make the difference between success and failure.

It is not unheard of for valuable deals to be made based on a verbal agreement and handshake. The Chinese character for trust is made up of two distinct parts meaning “person” and “word”. In this part of the world, it is often said that a person’s word is his or her’s contract, however, in reality a legal contract is still required and expected.

Best Foot Forward

In such an environment, creating the right impression from the outset can be a crucial part of winning and maintaining the trust of the local business community. Make no mistake, the business climate in Asia is ultra-competitive. Large corporations and smaller companies all over the world have long been knocking on the door to establish a foothold and reap the economic benefits. While it might be true that once you’ve established strong local relationships, success can snowball, getting to that point can be a difficult mountain to climb. Looking the part is therefore a critical part of the mix. Few things can instil confidence in prospective partners or clients than a local presence.

Making an Impression

However, creating a robust local presence is not quite as simple as it seems. Building up and maintaining an office in any foreign country can be prohibitively expensive and a logistical nightmare. Especially in a place like Hong Kong, where prices are relatively high and there are all kinds of regulatory and legal hopes to jump through, it can be quite intimidating to set up shop. So, what options are there for any enterprising organisation, particularly if it is a small or start-up business, to make their presence felt in the local ecosystem?

The Virtual Difference

Servcorp understands the challenges that business face in this regard. We also understand the local landscape, culture and business mindset. This is why so many companies choose a Servcorp virtual office package as their preferred solution when establishing a base in Asia. Without the cost and complication of doing it all yourself, smart businesspeople let Servcorp do all the work so that they can utilise our facilities and services while they focus on what is most important: doing business.

A virtual office with Servcorp will provide you with everything that you need to get started in Hong Kong and beyond:

A high profile address in a central location to include on your website and business collateral.
All the business, telecommunications and digital communications resources required to work effectively onsite, or remotely.
Perception of local presence in relevant geographical regions.
Professional, impressive office space in which to hold meetings with clients, investors or any other stake holders
Dedicated land line and receptionist to give the impression of size and strength, as well as a virtual assistant to handle inbound calls.

What Are You Waiting For

With so much to offer, there is no time like the present to find out more about how a Servcorp virtual office could be the right fit for your business. There is simply no easier, more reliable and cost-effective way to win the trust of the local market that you will need to thrive.