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Coworking Locations in Hong Kong

Coworking that works

Servcorp Hong Kong’s flexible Coworking Solutions offer our valued clients a contemporary style of workspace, enabling a number of businesses to work in a shared, open & common space; as opposed to working from a private office suite. Sharing space with other like-minded professionals not only creates a more dynamic workplace, it is also a lot more cost effective than a regular office space. Servcorp’s Coworking spaces provide a variety of work environments to choose from including Hot DesksDedicated Desks and Offices. Engage in our diverse Hong Kong Coworking environment, with ample space to work and achieve your business goals. Whether you prefer working from one of our fine leather sofas, holding a small team meeting on one of our booth seats, working from our bar counter, or having your own personal desk; our Coworking options are sure to have a space to fit your preferred work-style. As a valued Servcorp Hong Kong Coworking client you will have exclusive access to The World’s Best Coworking Solutions, including:

  • Access to secure & high-speed Wi-Fi, local IT support,
  • A local business phone number & a full secretarial team who can handle your mail on your behalf, answer your incoming calls any way you like or forward them to any number of your choice.
  • Network Printing enabled from any desk or booth
  • Unlimited self-serve espresso coffee, Twining’s Tea & fruit water
  • A Community of 60,000+ imagineers to collaborate with, buy from, sell to & socialise with

A Coworking Membership with Servcorp Hong Kong provides your business with the exclusive advantage to register your company with a highly sought after Hong Kong business address at one of our spectacular Serviced Office locations, residing in Central on Hong Kong Island & Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui; affording your business credibility, a corporate prestigious presence & highly sought after 5-star appeal, right in the heart of the Hong Kong.

Our esteemed Hong Kong Coworking locations in Two IFC, Asia’s most desired commercial building, as well as other prominent locations are surrounded by world renowned restaurants, cultural icons and excellent entertainment venues.

Connect to a global network of 60,000+ professional peers through Servcorp Coworking, in an agile & flexible space where you can collaborate & work smarter. Drive your business to flourish & thrive with like-minded professionals in Servcorp's Hong Kong Coworking spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Servcorp Coworking client, you can either choose our Hot Desk option, or our Dedicated Desk option.

Coworking is a new style of workspace where people from different companies share an open common space rather than work in a private office. Coworking is about creating a better place to work and a better way to work; sharing space with other like-minded professionals not only creates a more dynamic workplace, it is also a lot more cost effective than a regular office space.  Servcorp Coworking spaces provide you with a variety of work environments to choose from. Whether you enjoy working from one of our fine leather sofas, having a small team meeting in one of the booth seats, working from the bar counter so you are never far from our premium coffee and tea, or having your own personal desk, there's a space to fit your work style. Most of our Coworking spaces are fitted out with sound-rated phone booths, so if you have an important or private call you don't have to worry about people listening in. Servcorp Coworking connects you to a global network of professional peers to bounce off ideas and work smarter.

Some of the exclusive advantages of Servcorp Coworking is that you have further optional business support services that are generally not available at Coworking spaces. For example, you have the option to use the Servcorp address as your place of business to register your start-up or to have Servcorp handle your mail. You can also have a local business telephone number answered the way you like and transferred to your mobile, home or any number of your choice.

Learn more about Servcorp's Coworking Spaces.

As a Hot Desk client, you may choose any available desk or booth seat in the coworking space during business hours – just bring your laptop and get to work. First come, best spot!

As a Dedicated Desk client, you receive your very own desk in a shared office space to use 24/7, 365 days a year. Generally, there are between 5 and 15 desks in the Dedicated Desk space, but you are also free to use the coworking space.

  • Use of the coworking space at your home location
  • Secure and high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Monthly Vouchers to use towards visitor access to the coworking space, printing or team services
  • Network Printing enabled from any desk or booth
  • Access to a full secretarial team and local IT help
  • Regular Community Meets events and Happy Hours
  • Unlimited self-serve espresso coffee, Twining’s Tea and fruit water
  • Over 60,000 Community of imagineeers to collaborate with, buy from, sell to and socialize with

Clients have fast and secure Wi-Fi using fiber optic cabling to an Industry-leading ISP and host isolation. We have invested a lot in speed and security and offer two Wi-Fi options.  Our Free Wi-Fi works better and faster than the industry standard and is protected by a shared password.  Our Secure Wi-Fi option is secured with your own unique login & password, is lightning fast and has the highest industry standard AES encryption technology for a highly secured Internet experience.

Absolutely! There is a range of optional services to assist your business or workstyle: from private meeting room bookings by as little as 10 minutes, to secretarial or IT support. Servcorp’s long experience in providing business support services can give you the freedom to focus on growing your own business.

The most popular optional service is to use our 5-star address as your corporate address AND/OR enjoy a landline phone number with a receptionist to answer your calls.

Each Coworking Member receives monthly Vouchers that can be used towards either coworking lounge access (for your visitors or to use at other Servcorp locations worldwide), printing or secretarial support. Each month, a Hot Desk Member receives HK$500 value and a Dedicated Desk member receives HK$1,250 value in vouchers.

Are these vouchers accumulative?

No. Vouchers must be used in the month of issue.

Yes. Feel free to use your Monthly Vouchers to bring a guest into the coworking lounge. You can also purchase additional Vouchers (Half day HK$250 or full day HK$500).

Can my guest (or coworker) come even if I am not there with them?

No. The Member must accompany the guest at all times.

If you use your vouchers for your guest(s) you can use the coworking space for informal meetings. For private meetings you need to book a meeting room. We do not provide free meeting space, but you can book our facilities online at a competitive rate - this way you can be sure you have a meeting room available. It is pay as you go. For skype or phone meetings, feel free to use our single person phone booths free of charge (not available at all locations).

Yes, a Cisco IP video phone is available to use at each desk in the coworking space. Calls made will be charged separately. If you have subscribed for the local phone number option, the beaconed Cisco IP phone at the desk will automatically be configured to your local number through an app on your smartphone (at selected locations only). You will be able to make phone calls using your own number on the Cisco IP phone at any desk.

  • Hot Desk:
    • Access any of the phones available in our sound-rated phone booths
  • Dedicated Desk:
    • You can apply for a dedicated phone number and have your own Cisco IP video phone on your Dedicated Desk with a monthly free call allowance (any destination)
  • Hot Desk
    • Lockers are available for rent
  • Dedicated Desk
    • Clients receive a lockable storage cabinet that is theirs to use

Yes, when using your Monthly Vouchers, you can access any Servcorp coworking spaces outside of your city at over 160+ locations around the world. Coworking spaces vary in size and are different at each location.

We believe to fully understand Servcorp you need to see it for yourself. Please request a tour and we will happily arrange an office tour in a location convenient to for you.

They are on a monthly rolling basis, thus very flexible.

  • Hot Desk
    • No security deposit is required for a Hot Desk Membership when paying by credit card. If paying by bank transfer however, a security deposit is required
  • Dedicated Desk
    • There is a 1-month security deposit required with a Dedicated Desk contract. The security deposit is fully refundable provided you have settled any outstanding fees related to your membership

There is a once-off set-up fee for all coworking memberships.

We require one full calendar month notice with all coworking memberships. If you give notice during the course of a month, your cancellation will take effect on the last day of the following month.